2023 update on Pharma & Medical Devices Regulation in Serbia

BDK Advokati’s Head of Life Sciences Bisera Andrijašević authored the chapter on Serbia in the 2023 edition of Lexology Getting the Deal Through publication Pharma & Medical Device Regulation.

The chapter provides a comprehensive overview of the legislative and regulatory landscape in Serbia, including insight into the regulatory framework; clinical practice; marketing authorisation; amending authorisations; recall; promotion; enforcement of advertising rules; pricing and reimbursement; off-label use and unlicensed products; sale and supply; and recent trends.

The Serbia chapter in Pharma & Medical Device Regulation 2023 can be downloaded hereReproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. This content was first published in Lexology GTDT: Pharma & Medical Device Regulation 2023, October 2022. For further information please visit https://www.lexology.com/gtdt/workareas/pharma-and-medical-device-regulation.