Applicable from: 4 June 2020.

BDK Advokati Advokatsko ortačko društvo Beograd (“BDK”, “we” or “our”) uses cookie technology and other tracking technologies on its website Cookies are small text files which the website that you visit places into your device (computer, laptop, mobile phone, etc.).

By means of this Cookie policy, we want to provide you with the information on the types of cookies and other tracking technologies that we use, data which we collect in that manner, and purposes for which we process those data. We also want to inform you for how long the cookies remain in your device. Cookie policy also informs you about how you can turn off the cookies, or consent or not consent to their installation.

Types of cookies

BDK sets three types of cookies: so-called necessary cookies, functional cookies, and Google Analytics cookies.

Necessary cookies
Necessary cookies enable processing of the requests for the use of our online services (Blinkdraft services). For that purpose, we use the following WooCommerce cookies:

Cookie name Time for which the cookies are retained in the device Purpose for which the data are processed
woocommerce_cart_hash during the session identification of Blinkdraft services which the user requests
woocommerce_items_in_cart during the session identification of Blinkdraft services which the user requests
wp_woocommerce_session_ 2 days connecting requests for the use of Blinkdraft service with the user who submitted the request

You may turn off these cookies via browser settings, but after the cookies are turned off use of our Blinkdraft services will not be possible. If you want to turn off necessary cookies, you can do so as described at the links below:

Internet Explorer Chrome Firefox Safari

Functional cookies
Functional cookies enable us to remember in which language you want to follow the contents on our website. The cookies that we use for that purpose are called pll_language, and the time of their retention in the device is one year. To turn off these cookies, follow the instructions at the following links: Internet Explorer Chrome Firefox Safari. In addition, please note that after the cookies are turned off selection of the language in which you want to follow the contents on the website will not be possible.

Google Analytics
We use these cookies in order to collect the data on the visits to our website. We need these data in order to improve the operation of the website. These cookies do not collect information which identifies you directly, but only aggregate information on the website’s visitors. The data refer to the number of the website’s visitors, the number of visits to specific pages within the website, internet pages from which the users navigate to our website, area where the users are located, etc. We use the following Google Analytics cookies:

Cookie name Time for which the cookies are retained in the device Purpose for which the data are processed
_ga 2 years differentiation of users
_gid 24 hours monitoring of the user’s behaviour on the website
_gat 10 minutes controlling the number of requests to use Google double-click

We do not share data collected through Google Analytics with any third party.

More details about the processing of data through the Google Analytics cookies, including on how long Google retains these data on its servers, can be found at Information about how you can turn off Google Analytics cookies is at

Other tracking technologies

We use Leadfeeder’s software to collect information about the companies which visit our website. This software also connects us to LinkedIn profiles of the persons who work at those companies, and shows us information about e-mail addresses and functions of those persons. The persons whose data the software shows to us are not necessarily persons who themselves visited our website. We do not retain or use for any purposes the information contained in LinkedIn profiles, e-mail addresses and the person’s functions. We can see this information incidentally, as the software automatically makes it available to us.

Notification of changes
Changes to this Cookie Policy will be posted on our website and will be effective from the date of publication. The changes will apply to the data we will be collecting from the date they are posted, and not  to the data we collected until then. It is your responsibility to review this Cookie Policy from time to time and to make yourself familiar with the changes to it.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the processing of your data, you can contact us at +381 11 3284 212, or write us at

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