Abolition of Fees and Charges

Further to a proposal to abolish certain fees and charges, the Ministry of Finance has published a list on its website of the initial fees and charges that were adopted during the session of the Serbian Government. The aim of the Serbian Government is to relieve businesses and citizens of unnecessary fees and charges.

As stated on the website of the Ministry of Finance, the Government of Serbia plans to abolish approximately 130 different fees and charges, out of which 75 of the suggested changes have already been adopted by the Government of Serbia.

In practice, this will mean, inter alia, that in the future, entrepreneurs and small legal entities will not be obliged to pay a fee to display their company name, nor will they be obliged to pay a fee to display their company logo / advertisement on business premises.

In addition to the previously mentioned, the proposal also includes the elimination of  fees for the maintenance and usage of floating facilities and other facilities, the maintenance of restaurants on the water, the usage of showcases for displaying goods outside of business premises, the possession of music devices and the arrangement of music programs in restaurants, etc.

The full list of fees and charges is available here.

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