BDK launches Intellectual Property Blog

As of June 5, 2012, Bojovic-Dasic-Kojovic is offering the visitors of our website a blog specifically dedicated to intellectual property (IP) law. It is, to our knowledge, the first such blog in Serbia or Montenegro, and indeed in the whole region of the former Yugoslavia.

One reason for initiating the blog resides in the fact that case law in Serbia and in Montenegro on IP matters has been scarce and difficult to access, and legal commentaries in this area of law have been few. The blog is a contribution to sorting out the multiple possible interpretations of the general terms in the IP laws of Serbia and in Montenegro, and it points towards those we find most sensible. The posts on the blog will hopefully stimulate an increased thinking about important legal issues and facilitate the readers’ better understanding thereof.

The blog reaches out to both local and international readers. One reason we believe the readers in Serbia and in Montenegro will benefit from the blog is the linkage it will habitually make between developments in international and comparative law, on the one hand, and the national law, on the other. That approach should also help the readers abroad to understand the extent to which the laws and jurisprudence in Serbia in Montenegro coincide with, or differ from, the ways in which major legal systems confront the challenges of IP law.

The blog is not exclusively intended for legal practitioners. The general public, including owners of IP rights in assorted niches of economic and cultural life, will be able to read about the themes close to their professional interests.

You can visit the blog in English here. For the Serbian version, click here.

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