Bogdan Ivanišević speaks at a major conference on GDPR

Bogdan Ivanišević, partner at BDK Advokati, spoke on 14 March at the seminar on GDPR – digital rights and obligations, organized by PC Press, Belgrade-based publisher specialized in ICT themes. Implementation of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation will begin on 25 May this year and Serbian companies whose business includes processing of personal data of EU residents will also have to comply.

The seminar attracted nearly 250 participants. The speakers included, among others, representatives of Serbian Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection and officials from Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency.

Bogdan Ivanišević participated in the second session of the seminar, Business aspects of (in)adequate GDPR enforcement, as well as in the closing panel discussion. In his presentation Bogdan discussed the grounds on which GDPR applies to data controllers and processors based in Serbia. He also addressed the issue of competence of EU bodies to decide on violations of GDPR by Serbia-based entities and examined whether such decisions may be recognized and implemented in Serbia. Bogdan pointed to the presence of vague concepts throughout the GDPR, a feature that will make it difficult to data controllers and processors to understand whether they act in accordance with, or contrary to, the Regulation. He concluded the presentation by emphasizing the importance of legitimate interest as the legal basis likely to be most frequently used for data processing under the GDPR regime.

Bogdan Ivanišević speaks at a major conference on GDPR Bogdan Ivanišević speaks at a major conference on GDPR 1