Our attorney-at-law Marija Gligorević participated in this year’s edition of HR week at the panel HR for tomorrow: leading the changes. Other panelists were our colleagues from Karanović and partners, Ivana Karanović and Milena Papac, Aleksandra Dutina from Carlsberg and Dragana Koruga Ristić from Coca Cola.

Marija talked about challenges employers are nowadays faced with when organizing work from home. She offered some practical advice as to how health and safety requirements can be satisfied in case of office work from home.

Marija also discussed the issue of employer’s liability for injury that occurs during work from home. She explained that not every injury would qualify as injury at work that entitles the employee to damages. Injury must be connected to the very performance of the work for the employer, and there has to be fault at the employer’s side (unless conditions for strict liability are present, which is unlikely when office work is performed from home). The fault would exist, for example, if the employer failed to provide health and safety instructions to the employee working from home.

The panelists also discussed the issues around engagement of students and first time employees. Marija proposed that a future legislation that will regulate these arrangements should limit the duration of student engagement and regulate the work schedule, which should be organized in a way that does not interfere with the student’s education. She also offered suggestions regarding tax reliefs which could encourage the companies to organize student practices and employ persons without prior work experience.

Finally, Marija emphasized the need for a more modern regulation of service of process in the area of employment, which should recognize digital service of process. She also proposed that the regulation of redundancy procedure should be improved.

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