Satirical video about Vučić – IP infringement, or not?

Last Saturday (1 February) the internet was flooded with user-generated content ridiculing, in real time, the actions of the Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić. Vučić visited a site in the north of Serbia where hundreds of motorists and their passengers were stuck in a snow storm, joining the armed forces in the efforts to evacuate them. Many saw Vučić’s actions as a public relations exercise undertaken with an eye on the parliamentary elections scheduled for mid-March. An anonymous author made that point effectively by adding satiric subtitles to a recording originally made by the Serbian Radio Television (RTS).

The video was taken down from YouTube because of the alleged infringement of copyright owned by the RTS, only to reappear on other sites later in the day. Did the montage infringe copyright, or not?

BDK’s analysis can be read in a post published at The IPKat, a leading blog focusing on IP developments in the European Union and the United Kingdom.