Comprehensive immigration and tax guide to relocating to work in Serbia The new EU Commission’s Notice on Relevant Market Definition and its Effect in Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina The European Commission (“Commission“) adopted the revised Market Definition Notice for competition cases (“revised Notice“). The revised Notice supersedes the 1997 Commission Notice on the definition of the relevant market for the purposes of Community competition law (“1997 Notice“), the longest-lasting soft law instrument of EU law which ultimately had to succumb to new market realities. REM unlawfully discontinued proceedings against Happy TV for denial of atrocities in Prijedor camps, Administrative Court rules In a recent decision, the Administrative Court in Belgrade refuted the position of the Serbian electronic media regulator (REM) that the purported lack of a majority of votes entitled the regulator to discontinue the proceedings against a television broadcaster. Regulating E-Money in Republika Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Last year we have discussed the prospects for Republika Srpska to regulate for the first time the issuance and the use of electronic money. The wait is over - the National Assembly has passed the Electronic Money Act ("E-Money Act") which will begin to apply in June 2024. We discuss in this newsletter the key concepts of the new e-money legislation. New rules in 2024 on minimum salary and salary in lieu during maternity leave As of 1 January 2024, statutory minimum net salary in Republika Srpska amounts to BAM 900.00 (approximately EUR 460.00), which is an approximately 28.5% increase from BAM 700.00 (approx. EUR 358.00).

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