Montenegro – Soon to become a destination for digital nomads?

On 18 May 2022, a group of MP’s proposed amendments to the Foreigners’ Act to introduce a possibility to obtain temporary residence permit for digital nomads. The parliamentary debate on the amendments is expected to start at the beginning of June 2022. The amendments are designed to attract to Montenegro foreigners from IT and other mobile sectors.

Digital nomads

The proposed amendments to the Foreigners’ Act define digital nomads as foreign individuals (whether they are registered as entrepreneurs or not) who provide from Montenegro services online for foreign companies. Foreigners employed with a Montenegrin subsidiary or branch of a foreign company would not been considered digital nomads within the meaning of the proposed amendments.

Conditions for the digital nomad permit

The applicant nomad must enter Montenegro with type D visa (long term visa) allowing stay in Montenegro up to 180 days.

The nomad applies for temporary residence permit at the Ministry of Interior, by submitting documents generally required for temporary residency (proofs of sufficient funds, accommodation, health insurance, non-conviction, a valid passport). In addition, the applicant must submit an employment agreement or other evidence that (s)he will be doing work for a foreign company online.

Duration of the permit

Temporary residence permit is issued for a maximum period of two years and may be extended for another two years. After the expiration of the two-year period (or four-year period if an extension was sought), the foreigner needs to exist Montenegro and spend at least six months abroad before reapplying for a new temporary residence permit for nomads.