New rules in 2024 on minimum salary and salary in lieu during maternity leave

Minimum salary in 2024

As of 1 January 2024, statutory minimum net salary in Republika Srpska amounts to BAM 900.00 (approximately EUR 460.00), which is an approximately 28.5% increase from BAM 700.00 (approx. EUR 358.00).

Paid maternity leave

Paid maternity leave in Repulika Srpska lasts either 12 or 18 months (18 months for twins, thrid or any subsequent child). First 60 days from the childbirth can be used only by the mother of the child. Subject to the agreement of both parents, the remaining time can be used by the employed father.

As of 1 January 2024, during maternity leave, employee will be receiving salary in lieu equal to average salary earned by the employee in question in the period of 18 months prior to the start of maternity leave (previously, the reference period for calculation of average salary was 12 months). The amendments fill in the gap that existed under the previous version of the law, when it was unclear how average salary is to be calculated if the employee had not been receiving salary during the entire reference period either because the employee was unemployed or because he or she was on sick leave or other type of leave. It is now clarified that statutory minimum salary shall be taken as employee’s deemed salary with respect to those parts of the reference period during which the employee did not earn salary.

Our Blinkdraft template Decision on Maternity leave is adjusted accordingly.