SE Europe faces a strong need for the development and replacement of infrastructure assets, especially in transportation, energy and communal services.

Over the course of the past 10 years, BDK has advised clients on the most prominent infrastructure projects in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We provide our clients with a comprehensive service that includes bidding for projects, financing, construction and operation of infrastructure assets.

We view complex projects from multiple perspectives and are able to provide a solution to legal issues while always taking into account the underlying commercial considerations. We continually follow the latest regulatory developments in the relevant industry sectors in the EU and are, therefore, ahead of future changes in the local legal framework. Our local legal expertise gives our clients confidence that, even if they are not present on the local market, they will still be able to manage those country-specific issues that may affect the development of the infrastructure project.

“The firm’s team consists of numerous experienced individuals. Its service is well prepared, with a high dose of knowledge and a pleasant approach.”

“BDK Advokati is always available to provide concrete solutions when tackling complex issues.”