Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Commercial Litigation & Arbitration

Tijana Kojović
Senior Partner/Managing Partner
Phone: +381 11 3284 212
E-Mail: Tijana.Kojovic@bdkadvokati.com

We assist clients throughout contentious situations, from dispute prevention and assessment of the likelihood of success, to representation in litigation and arbitration, and ultimately enforcement. We also help clients draft adequate dispute resolution clauses in commercial contracts and avoid formal proceedings by negotiating settlement arrangements.

Construction Litigation & Arbitration

Disputes arising in the construction sector require specific expertise regarding both the industry-specific facts and the applicable law. We have a commendable record in the area of construction litigation and arbitration involving FIDIC-based and EPC contracts. Our real estate and construction law experts work together with our dispute resolution lawyers to meet the challenges arising in complex construction disputes.

Investment Protection & Arbitration

Tijana Kojović
Senior Partner/Managing Partner
Phone: +381 11 3284 212
E-Mail: Tijana.Kojovic@bdkadvokati.com

Our team assists investors to make good use of investment protections under national legislation and international treaties.

When an investment dispute arises, we develop a strategic plan together with the client on the best course of action.

We have experience and expertise required for successful navigation of investment disputes. We have represented foreign investors in both investment and commercial arbitrations concerning disputes with host states and state entities arising out of bilateral investment treaties, privatization contracts, concessions contracts, construction contracts, and other specific arrangements.

Human Rights Protection & Litigation

Our team works with individuals, groups, businesses, and the civil society on the protection of human rights at national and international levels before judicial and non-judicial bodies.

We also oversee the respect for human rights in complex social contexts and advise businesses and organizations on instances in which increased efforts are needed to comply with the domestic and international human rights standards.

Our commitment to the defence of human rights as the basis of a democratic society is firm. We are a socially responsible firm, and we accept pro bono engagements in accordance with our values.

Defamation Litigation

Defamation is a real danger in an age of dynamic public life and increased media coverage. We represent both the clients whose honour and reputation have been harmed and those facing allegations of harming the honour and reputation of others.

White-Collar Litigation

Our white-collar litigation practice offers a full support to corporate and executive clients in the area of penal laws. We represent clients as defendants and injured parties.

We are able to quickly put in place a multidisciplinary team consisting of litigators and experts in the relevant areas of substantive law (tax, data protection and privacy, etc.) to support clients in complex internal corporate investigations. Our reliance on Luminace allows us to expediently review mass documentation.

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